It’s time to wake up: practical advice to start the day as best as possible!

It’s time to wake up: practical advice to start the day as best as possible!

It’s time to wake up: practical advice to start the day as best as possible!

How many times have you felt tired and unwilling to wake up and get the day started? Even if it is considered one of the worst parts of the day, the awakening process should be the most important because it allows us to conceive the day as a new opportunity rather than a duty. Unfortunately, having a positive conception of the awakening is not easy. Following these tips you will be more productive, active, and more rested while carrying out daily tasks.

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The light is life

A key point is going to bed with the shutters or curtains not completely closed, even if it is more pleasant to fall asleep in an absolute dark room. It is better for your awakening to be gradual with a little natural light entering from there. This is because the light stimulates the production of dopamine, which increases the energy, motivation and productivity.

Setting a smart alarm

The alarm is an enemy for many people. To improve your relationship, it is good to choose one with a delicate ring or sound in order to wake up with a tone likable to your hearing. If possible we suggest you to place it somewhere far enough in order for you have to get up and switch it off; minimising your risk of falling asleep again. In case you usually do everything quickly because you are in a hurry, you should set the alarm some minutes earlier than usual. It is for your body to enjoy a slow and progressive awakening; helping you to reactivate all your body’s functions step by step.

Start the day with some healthy stretching

As you wake up dedicate 5/10 minutes to some exercises such as deep breaths, leg stretching and slow circular movements of the head. These exercises will help you to awaken the elasticity and tonicity of your muscles that are numbing from the night resting.

yoga "Child's Pose" - female in sport clothes performing exercise

Water is everything

A big glass of water when you have just finished your stretching has many benefits for your health. Firstly it helps the awakening process, then water stimulates your metabolism to reactivate faster from resting and to feel more vigilant and industrious. Moreover it is said that it is also useful to prevent many diseases.

Breakfast call

The right breakfast can help you to start your day in a positive way and to feel healthy and full of energy all day long. Since it is the most important meal of the day, you should have it in the correct way. It is recommended you avoid too many carbohydrates and fats, while you should yield proteins. The best kind of food you could have for breakfast are eggs, integral cereals, fruit, yogurt, granola, spinach and black cabbage. Another important step for the family environment would be to have breakfast all together, perhaps talking about the dreams had during the night or the things to do during the day.


Many could object that to follow all of these suggestions you need to renounce a pleasant moment of resting: actually the well-being guaranteed from this process is much stronger than the well-being given from ten more minutes of sleeping, so it really worth it to be tried!

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Halloween Carwash Bonanza

Halloween Carwash Bonanza

What a wonderful weekend! Good times with good food, sunshine and fundraising at the Carwash in Erith.
The Halloween Carwash Bonanza was great, the atmosphere was very joyful with the staff wearing their costumes and Amethyst’s staff going around the place to explain people our mission, even the customers were happy to help and definitely enjoying the Bonanza.
New Picture (10)dd
It’s beautiful to see how people can work together for a good cause and that’s exactly what happened on Saturday.
In fact the event turned into a collaboration when some of our members joined in with the washing in order to help the carwash staff!
Moreover the carwashers did a brilliant job and got really involved in the event with their masks and capes. It was a very good show!!
During the day we had some trouble with the barbecue and couldn’t get it to light properly until the show was nearly over, however, in true Amethyst style no one was discouraged and it turned into a challenge to see who could light the barbecue first.
We also had many laughs when the owner of the Carwash, fixed Johnny (our friendly inflatable skeleton 180 cm high) to his drone and made it fly all over the place for a few minutes… We filmed it whilst the device filmed us from the sky – It was unbelievable!!!
New Picture (11)d
Last but not least we really want to say a huge Thank you to the carwash staff for the patience and participation, and especially to all of those who came at the Bonanza to support us, you are awesome!!!
Stay tuned for the next event, where we’ll be waiting for all of you….

Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard

Amethyst Family Foundation is a non-profit registered charity in England and Wales created with assisting individuals and families in our community.
We believe that families are the foundation of our society, the glue that holds us all together and it is for this reason that Amethyst was established, to help foster a positive and beneficial change in our society.














One year ago we started a new programme named Amethyst Well-being, with the aim of helping anyone who wants to move beyond the frenzy of every-day life; money, anger, and fear and make the most out of life. Anyone who wants grow, flourish and become their most confident, happy, peaceful and abundant self. Whether you are feeling unappreciated, overworked, underpaid or unsatisfied at home or in the work place, we offer emotional support and work-stress counselling for individuals, families, employees and companies as whole who looking to improve the mental well-being.

Amethyst Wellbeing helps people to understand stress, personal wellbeing and work-life balance. We enable them to recognise the early signs and symptoms of stress, reflect on personal factors, perspectives and beliefs, as well as manage emotions and cultivate a positive frame of mind. Develop coping strategies and relaxation techniques is of upmost importance and compliments an improvement in exercise and fitness, sleep and nutrition.

Another topic which we deal with is personal resilience, arguably the most important resource for coping well and responding positively during challenging times.

Our help also is addressed to people victims of bullying or psychological abuse as well as to people feeling unsatisfied about their workplace. Amethyst Wellbeing helps people to realise that they are not alone and offers counselling to employed people for personal problems and  offers a range of services to employers, including advice and information to managers working with difficult situations, access to training, presentations and awareness sessions and input to well-being events.

Last but not least, we deal with mental health which highlights emotional well-being, the capacity to live a full and creative life, and the flexibility to deal with life’s inevitable challenges. Many people are unaware of displaying signs of a mental health disorder. Mental health has always been a particularly taboo subject, and Amethyst will help to identify, support and overcome problems so candidates can regain confidence and engage in society and working life.

So we decided to start this blog in order to help people having a more positive life and to know how to live a healthy life.

Stay tuned for advice and future updates and Welcome aboard Amethyst family’s journey.

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Engine House Bexley,
2 Veridion Way. Erith.
DA18 4AL.
Telephone; +44208 3201044.

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