Wellbeing top sliderThis space is for anyone who wants to move beyond the frenzy of every-day life; money, anger, and fear and make the most out of life. Anyone who wants grow, flourish and become their most confident, happy, peaceful and abundant self. Whether you are feeling unappreciated, overworked, underpaid or unsatisfied at home or in the work place, we offer emotional support and work-stress counselling for individuals, families, employees and companies as whole who looking to improve the mental well-being.
stress-pencil-croppedAmethyst Wellbeing will help you to understand stress, personal wellbeing and work-life balance. We will enable you to recognise the early signs and symptoms of stress, reflect on personal factors, perspectives and beliefs, as well as manage emotions and cultivate a positive frame of mind. Develop coping strategies and relaxation techniques is of upmost importance and compliments an improvement in exercise and fitness, sleep and nutrition. The crucial role managers, supervisors and team leaders play in the reduction and prevention of work-related stress is becoming increasingly recognised. The training provided on the Managers Managing Stress course is very practical and uses a number of specially developed diagnostic and proactive tools to minimise the effect of stressful situations on both people and the organisation.
Amethyst Resilliance 8Personal resilience is arguably the most important resource for coping well and responding positively during challenging times. This training course introduces candidates to skills that will increase confidence in their ability to bounce back from the many pressures and adversities they encounter in today’s workplace. They are reminded that a key aspect of being resilient is accepting that change always creates opportunities as well as problems to be solved.
Amethyst Bullying 4Bullying is commonly defined as being when a person is on the receiving end of what they perceive to be a persistent campaign of verbal, non-verbal, physical or psychological abuse. It can often be difficult for the victim of bullying to speak out – particularly if they feel they are on the receiving end of bullying from a person in authority. Amethyst Wellbeing help people to realise that they are not alone and to understand the signs of overt and particularly covert bullying as well as appreciate the short and long term effects bullying could have on the victim and organisation, team or group of friends.
Amethyst M health 4Mental health highlights emotional well-being, the capacity to live a full and creative life, and the flexibility to deal with life's inevitable challenges. Many people are unaware of displaying signs of a mental health disorder. Mental health has always been a particularly taboo subject, and Amethyst will help to identify, support and overcome problems so candidates can regain confidence and engage in society and working life.
Business PeopleWe provide a free and totally confidential service which aides your staff in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression in their personal and working lives through guidance, emotional support and face-to-face counselling. The program not only offers counselling to employed people for personal problems, but also offers a range of services to employers, including advice and information to managers working with difficult situations, access to training, presentations and awareness sessions and input to well-being events.

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