Amethyst Family Foundation (AFF) is to provide lasting friendship and support through networking, workshops and classes based on sharing real life experiences which are impactful, interactive and educative in order to restore any member of the household going through behavioral issues or difficulties in life.


Help with relationships and married couples

Help with relationships and married couplesFor the married couple who are going through a difficult patch in their relationship our workshops and classes are designed to share life experiences which will up-skill through guided and interactive sessions, to bring a deeper understanding of relationships, which will engage couples in a more intimate level of communication.

Divorced or Separated

Divorced or SeparatedFor the divorced or separated our workshops entails working together with real people who have gone through similar challenges in life to create lasting friendship which will generate required support for an individual necessary to bring change.

The unmarried/ cohabiting

The unmarried/ cohabitingFor the unmarried living together, we provide series of counseling sessions and classes which will aid and encourage them to tie the knot and receive future support and mentoring.

Later in life

Later in lifeFor the older citizens who are living alone and perhaps feeling lonely, we organise interactive events and interesting excursions to bring back vibrancy and entertainment to make life worth living.

Youth and education

Youth and educationFor the problem child, we can support through our mentoring schemes by providing continuous support and counseling.
– Stress
– Talk to someone
– Self help tools
– Workshops

Agenda for last quarter of 2014:-

1) In order to assist couples in combating marital problems including domestic violence and separation, an issue which I’m sure you will agree is quite rampant in our communities; our Facilitator Training on Counseling is scheduled.

2) We are engaged in Social Enterprise workshops in the London Boroughs of Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley and Lewisham to assist 18-24 year olds in Mentorship and empowerment training programmes to find employment.

Contact Details

Engine House Bexley,
2 Veridion Way. Erith.
DA18 4AL.
Telephone; +44208 3201044.
Email: amethystfamilyfoundation@gmail.com

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