Amethyst Family Foundation is a non-profit registered charity in England and Wales.
Amethyst Family Foundation was created with assisting individuals and families in our community.
We believe that families are the foundation of our society, the glue that holds us all together and it is for this reason that Amethyst was established, to help foster a positive and beneficial change in our society.

Core values

We at Amethyst Family Foundation provide ‘life changing’ experiences
Our Purpose – We are driven by powerful determination and the creation of a compelling cause
Our Passion – Its all about our people, and our planet
Our Integrity – From administration to implimentation, were proud of the way we do things

Our mission

Families should be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families can suffer from strain and family members feel isolated or unappreciated.
The importance of family counselling is often overlooked, and for this reason Amethyst Family Foundation was established. Whatever difficulties you’re having as a family, we can help.

Contact Details

Engine House Bexley,
2 Veridion Way. Erith.
DA18 4AL.
Telephone; +44208 3201044.
Email: amethystfamilyfoundation@gmail.com

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