The Positive Family Experience

The Positive Family Experience

The Positive Family Experience

We believe that families should be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families can suffer from strain and family members feel isolated and unappreciated.

For this reason we created our official MeetUp group, named “The Positive Family Experience” with the aim to make everyday life in the household a positive family experience and to restore any member of the household going through behavioral issues or difficulties in life.

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Our MeetUp events will consist of providing support through workshops based on parental and life skills, financial and time management; sharing real life experiences.

In our first event we will invite a well known family therapist who will hold a workshop and presentation on how to strengthen family bonds and improve the communication in the household.

Shortly after, we will invite nutritionists and counsellors to give advice in order to increase the wellbeing for all individual members.

If you want to strengthen your family bonds and enhance the communication in your household, you are more than welcome to join us following this link

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Engine House Bexley,
2 Veridion Way. Erith.
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Telephone; +44208 3201044.

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