How to overcome your fears

How to overcome your fears

With Halloween fast approaching, many people enjoy the element of make-believe that Halloween brings. The holiday is a welcome break from reality. Most enjoy feeling scared and seek the feeling, because deep down, they know they are in no real danger. They understand the real risk of these activities are marginal, and because of this underlying awareness, they experience excitement rather than actual fear.

But what exactly is fear? It can generally be definined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger; according to Buddhism it is living not with life but with mind only and according to a biological point of view, fear  is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ functions, as well as in behavior.

More generally we can argue that fear is the simple association of an event with a negative outcome based on real life experiences. People feel scared, anxious or afraid when they are about to do something which in past caused them some kind of trouble or pain or something that they know is going to make them suffer.

Here you can find 5 very quick steps which can help you to restore the calm in your body and your mind:

1) Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is known to be a very powerful tool against fear and anxiety. So as a first step just take some deep breaths and feel how fast you will feel better. The duration of the deep breathing is up to you, the only important thing is that the out-breath is longer than the in-breath. This is a biological condition that if repeated for 1 or 2 minutes will leads your body to calm down;

2) Write it down

Try to make a list of what scares you in a specific situation so you can focus on every step of your list and see it in a more objective way. Maybe you could also try to face those fears starting from the one that scares you less, so you’ll find out that it was not s hard as you though;

3) Prepare for peaceful performance

If you are going to do something that scares you, try to imagine your performance being great in order to attract positive vibes that will turn into calm to make you feel less stressed. This will of course leads you to good results.

4) Accept fear

Feeling scared or anxious about something is a very natural feeling so let it help you. Try to focus on what you are doing and take advantage of your anxiety to the extent that it can stimulate you to do your best.

5) Failing sometimes is helpful

Jillian Michaels once said “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.” Failing is not always negative. In some cases you will find out how much you learnt from a failure. Moreover it’s important to analyze this failure so you can improve for the next time. Sometimes it’s even necessary to achieve your goals.

Now that you are able to deal with your fears and face them properly, you can join our team for the scariest Halloween ever:

On Saturday the 31st October, Amethyst Family Foundation’s staff will hold a Bonanza at Mirdon Carwash (Northend Road Service Station, Northend Rd, Erith DA8 3QF) from 11 a.m. til late.



During the event you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Halloween’s atmosphere with some light music, hot food and prizes to be won in a very fun way…

The purpose of this is to raise money for the local community and to spend some much-needed time together.

So don’t miss this opportunity – come and see us for an amazing time!

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