AME WEL 1Whether you are feeling unappreciated, overworked, underpaid or unsatisfied in the work place, we offer emotional support and work-stress counselling for employees, management and companies as whole looking to improve the mental well-being in the organisation.

According to a report by Professor Dame Sally Davies, Englan’s chief medical officer,
“There were around 70 million working days lost to mental illness last year costing up to £100 billion to the economy. How can you ensure mental health among your colleagues isn’t ignored?”

We provide a free and totally confidential service which aides your staff in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression in their personal and working lives through guidance, emotional support and face-to-face counselling.

The programme not only offers counselling to employed people for personal problems, but also offers a range of services to employers, including advice and information to managers working with difficult situations, access to training, presentations and awareness sessions and input to well-being events.

Why your company should partner up with the Amethyst Well-being Programme?

Many employees can benefit from outside help in tackling difficulties in their lives. Personal problems cannot always be left outside the workplace and an employee’s work performance can be affected.

Early recognition and effective intervention can minimise the problem allowing it to be dealt with before it affects other employees, customers, becomes a disciplinary problem or results in sickness absence.

Stress at work is now recognised as a major cause for concern. The Health and Safety Executive expect employers to take steps to protect their staff. Encouraging staff to talk to a counsellor may help to identify where the pressure is coming from in their work. They may find they can improve their coping skills or make relatively small changes in the work to avoid undue pressure.

Our service is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation and its employees.

Below are a few examples of how your business could benefit from the Amethyst Well-being Programme;
– The programme promotes a caring and responsible image of the employer which can help in recruitment and staff retention.
A growing number of employers are mentioning the availability of Employee Counselling and support on their websites as a valuable employee benefit.

– It can help to reduce sickness absence.
Relationship problems, stress, depression and anxiety are increasingly seen as a factor in sickness absence.

– More engagement from your staff, better morale, working relationships and a greater ability to handle the demands of work.

– It helps to protect employers from damaging stress related personal injury claims.
A 2002 Court of Appeal judgement stated ”an employer who offers a confidential advice service, with referral to appropriate counselling or treatment services, is unlikely to be found in breach of duty (to safeguard their employees health)” (Sutherland v Hatton)

– A well publicised employee counselling and support service positively promotes a culture of well being in the organisation. Taking a proactive approach is more cost effective than waiting until an employee becomes ill or takes stress/illness related absence.

What issues can we help employees with?

AME WEL– Stress at home and at work
– Family or relationship problems
– Harassment or bullying at work
– Bereavement
– Anxiety and depression
– Post traumatic stress
– Sleep loss
– Feelings of self-doubt and inferiority
– Alcohol or drug related problems
– Excessive gambling
– Any concerns that are causing worry

As an employee you can refer yourself to the service anonymously, and your employer is only told the numbers who have used the service and the broad category of issues being raised.

Employees may wish to attend with their employer’s support and this can be arranged through their personnel department or occupational health service.

Counselling sessions are arranged at a time when the employee can be comfortable and private and the cost of the calls are met by the Amethyst Well-being Programme.

Training & Development

The Amethyst Well-being Programme provides in-house training courses to private and public sector organisations throughout England.

Our trainers have extensive knowledge based on practical business experience. Our training courses are regularly reviewed and can offer the most up-to-date information and course materials.

Our training courses are adapted to your own organisation and range from 3hrs seminars to full day courses.
Expert tuition, support and guidance is offered in the following areas:

– Handling Stress Positively
– Stress in the Workplace
– Personal problems at work
– Harassment awareness for Managers
– Bullying & harassment in the Workplace
– Harassment in the Workplace – for volunteer advisors
– Nipping it in the bud – conflict management skills for line managers
– Good times/Bad times: Supporting employees whatever the climate
– Promoting and managing mental health and well being in your workplace

We are always happy to design and deliver training programmes to meet your needs. Every training course has clear aims and objectives and is evaluated afterwards.

Amethyst Well-being Programme can provide tailor made training for your organisation. Such training can be made up from the training courses currently available or be in areas of particular need for your organisation such as:

Traumatic Incidents at work
Dealing with aggressive behaviour
Preparing employees to handle difficult situations at work

If you would like to join the Amethyst Well-being Programme, please send us an e-mail and our support team will be in contact.


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