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Everyday thousands of individuals are going through major difficulties in life, whether it be stress, bereavement, separation and loneliness, depression or family strain. With your help we can be there for more people when they need us most


There are many fun and exciting ways you can help us to make a difference; from donations to fundraising on our behalf. Utilise colleagues at work or hold an event in aid of Amethyst Family Foundation.

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  • How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?
    How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?
    The average Briton gets six-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night, according to the Sleep Council. Michael Mosley took part in an unusual experiment to see if this is enough. It has been known for some time that the amount of sleep people get has, on average, declined over...
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Financial Freedom

Find out how you can achieve a state of financial freedom whereby worrying about money becomes a thing of the past.


A basic need of people is love & belonging. Loneliness is a massive and often overlooked issue. Find out about the Amethyst network of friends.

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